All in One

Versión en inglés de "Todas en una"

                                     Dedicated to my mother, sisters and sisters around the world

Liberating original sins in the shores of the Caribbean

Bottling orgasmic cocktails of dark rum and squirts of cherry the well-known
Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Malala Yousafzais, Lydia Cachos, Sylvia Tamales
that ocean waters splat furiously over the skins of the common Marys
waiting to dismantle empty, frigid, neglected rooms full of moss

covered by blames, fears, rapes   

Scarring death with camomile shampoos

disempowering concoctions of moisturizing creams,
magical antioxidants, miracle diets,

suffocating the shame of flaccid skin,

the weight of undesirable crevices, dry navels

mutilations of no return

the disgrace of existing through time 

Wrapping love in mango fragrance

happiness with flowers and patchouli
pleasure in sweet-fuelled waters
pain in redden sands of hope

You give me back my body

But above all My soul


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